Happy Camper, 2 – 1lb bags (2 pack) Includes Shipping!

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Happy Camper 2-Packs include FREE SHIPPING!

The coffee in Happy Camper is brought to us in partnership with Milwaukee's own Stone Creek Coffee and their partnership with Caravela Coffee and multiple farmers in Jinotega, Nicaragua.

This lot was roasted two ways to showcase all that it’s capable of. The lightly roasted component highlights clean notes of citrus fruits, which dial up the acidity of this composition. The medium component lends the composition a rich aroma and sweet notes of caramel. Together, these roast profiles strike the perfect balance of smooth and sweet.

In a cup of Happy Camper, you’ll find notes of cocoa, lemon, and dried fig. Midwestern and hardworking, Happy Camper was created to be perfectly balanced and loved by all.

Grab a bag and experience the complexity of Nicaraguan and Colombian coffees when paired together.